Pendants Suppliers

We offer our clients Pendant ideally designed to offer supreme services related to DM water piping loops, LPG lines, process media lines etc to be taken into the sterile zone or operational space in very proximity so as to offer easy availability to services.

These are specifically designed by our experts to allow chiefly electrical cabling, Water, Steam as well as gases accommodated in four different sections of the pendent, separate as well as distinct of one another. To sustain the sterile nature of the particular area pendent gets in by probing the false ceiling in to the zone.

These are covered on the external brink of the bottom part getting into the sterile part. The interior parts are sealed with the aid of rubber padding as well as silicon sealant at the upper part once the complete services are installed. The same is carried out at the bottom end. Hence cross contamination is averted. Apart from these we also offer high quality, very durable stainless steel pipe fittings, Stainless Steel Fittings as well as Stainless Steel Tee.

We are marked as well recognized manufacturer and exporter of SS Pipe Fittings of superior quality. it is an efficient SS Pipe Fitting Solution that are profitably used in different city like Chennai and many other city.

Manufacturer of SS Pipe Fittings


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